Canadian Society for Jewish Studies
    Société canadienne des etudes juives

               2016 Annual Conference - Calgary, Alberta

Post-Conference Message

Dear colleagues,
I want to thank each of you for making this year’s CSJS conference the success that it truly was. The research was informative, the questions were insightful, and the discussion was dynamic. We explored new approaches this year, adding for the first time a roundtable discussion inspired and led by Howard Gontovnick that was both exploratory and beneficial. We will continue this tradition in future conferences.
With the major disappointment being the noon-time film that would not project beyond 10 minutes, the rest of the program went almost flawless thanks in large part to everyone’s attention to time and detail. I would also like to thank each of you who acted as Chairpersons for the sessions. Not only do these roles add to the conference, I hope they are beneficial to you as you include this important contribution on your CV.
Next year in Calgary,
Daniel Maoz

Welcome  to the official web site of the Canadian Society for Jewish Studies/Société canadienne des etudes juives. The organization was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2004 with the goal to promote and facilitate the development of Jewish Studies in Canada.

The purpose of the society is to provide a venue for the presentation of Jewish studies education, research and information primarily for faculty members, graduate students, and independent scholars living in Canada (even though residence in Canada is not required for membership). Individuals who are interested in this field are encouraged to become more involved with the organization and participate in its growth.

CSJS / SCEJ - is a national organization with its headquarters at Concordia University in Montreal. The membership of the organization is comprised of educators, scholars, students and interested individuals from mainly from across Canada with a growing number from individuals from the United States, Europe and Israel.  Should you wish to become a member or inquire as to upcoming events, please consult the contact page of this web site for additional details.

At this time, CSJS / SCEJ does not publish a regular publication or specialized journal. However, a regular newsletter and supplementary publications are under development and will be available to the membership in the coming months.

Since 2004, the society has offered a short program of presentations at the annual conference, held in conjunction with the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies at the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities (the "Learneds").  For more information on this year’s upcoming conference program, please see the conference section of this web site.

Currently, this web site is under development with regular modification occurring gradually.  We invite you to explore the other sections of this web site and keep this page bookmarked and follow our exciting progress. 

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La Société canadienne d'études juives (SCEJ) est un organisme B vocation universitaire fondé en 2004 dans le but d'encourager la recherche et l'enseignement dans le domaine des études juives au Canada. Son but est de mettre sur pied des événements visant B mieux faire connaître aux professeurs, aux étudiants gradués et aux chercheurs indépendants canadiens les programs dans ce domaine. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'Ltre domicilié au Canada pour Ltre membre de la SCEJ.

Dr.Ira Robinson(click on to email)

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